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David Nicosia Day !!!

Owners, I proclaim July 14th as David Nicosia Day.   Mark your calendars.

That was the day David felt compelled to thrust his mucous on  Judge Arnette Hubbard, a prominent iconic female African-American judge.

With one thrust of saliva David committed elderly abuse as well as racism.

As a representative of our Park Tower board David made Park Tower history by getting his name known nationally through his actions.  How proud we are of you David. Let us always remember this day.

I suggest we have mandatory drug testing for (selected) board members as well as for the property manager.

We need to know what medications they are on and what the  dosage is.



The lack of transparency by the board president is unacceptable.

Why was it that AFTER months of having seven Home First members live in our building did we finally have a meeting regarding this issue ?

As owners we have every right to know this type of information beforehand.

Besides our board president, I would like to know else  had knowledge of this from the beginning.

Why was it kept secret from owners ?

Makes you wonder what else don’t we know.